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JustGreen Lawn & Landscaping offers a high level of service for those looking to preserve and enhance their landscape investment, as well as increase their current customer base by providing an aesthetically pleasing environment. At JustGreen, we know that the appearance and safety of commercial properties affect the bottom line. Our experts are ready to create and maintain the attractive, professional environment that will inspire those who work on and visit the property.

We currently provide innovative and cost-effective landscaping solutions to our commercial customers in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding area. With proven experience, we know and understand the importance of appearance, safety, and time. Allow our experts to provide you with exceptional service while managing your landscape’s image and sustaining your investment.

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Landscape Services

Landscape Drainage Solutions

Having proper landscape drainage is extremely important to keep your plants happy. Of course it is imperative to water your plants everyday, but they don't like getting their "feet" wet. If you don't have proper landscape drainage, your plants may essentially drown.

Landscape Design and Consultation

Your landscape design plays a huge part in your curb appeal. By consulting with our professionals, you will get advice about the best plants to put where, so they see optimal growth and health. We can help you create a landscape design that will make your house stand out among the rest, filled with beautiful and healthy plants.

Landscape Installation

The process of landscape installation can sometimes be a challenging one. Do you want more of a raised bed look? Are there certain decorative aspects you want to include? How deep and close together should you place your plants? Our experience landscape installation professionals can help to ensure your landscaping looks picture perfect.

Sod and Plant Installation

Trust our landscape installation professionals to install plants and sod for you! Whether you need a new lawn laid out or your're looking to add some shrubs around your fencing, give us a call today! 

Annual and Perennial Beds

The difference between the care of some annuals and some perennials can be completely different. Some may fair better in the shade while others thrive in direct sunlight. Some do well in clusters, others don't. 

Erosion Control

Erosion is the gradual destruction of your landscaping. If your landscaping happens to be on an uneven plain, rain water, wind, and other natural occurrences will cause the base of your garden to erode. There are techniques, such as erosion blankets, that help keep your landscape in place and our contractors are here to help!

Residential Lawn Maintenance

If your home has a well-kept yard, it shows neighbors, visitors, and potential buyers that you care about your property. But caring for your lawn takes up so much time and energy - who wants to spend their precious free hours doing yard work? Luckily, JustGreen Lawn & Landscaping is here to help! We offer regular residential lawn maintenance services to residents of the Raleigh, NC so you can relax and enjoy being at home.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Curb appeal can make a huge difference for your business. If you're looking to spruce up your commercial property, give us a call. We provide commercial lawn maintenance services, including regular mowing, watering, fertilizing, and other lawn and turf maintenance services. Our commercial lawn maintenance experts are here to help you bring in more business!

Maintenance Services

• Full-Service Residential and Commercial Maintenance • Scheduled Lawn Maintenance • Turf and Shrub Programs  
• Annual Flower Bed Maintenance • Disease and Insect Control • Pruning and Weeding • Aeration and Over-Seeding  
• Mulch and Pine Straw Application • Leaf and Debris Removal • Snow and Ice Removal

Landscape Design Raleigh, NC
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